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Doctor Ah-Clem!

Welcome to Doctor Ah-Clem's Webpages for Students

Welcome to the webpages of Doctor Ah-Clem. During the more than twenty years I have been teaching, I have had the opportunity to instruct many hundreds of students. Despite their best efforts, many of these students would have preferred to do better in my courses than they did.

Often times these students didn't know some of the important techniques and skills which would have allowed them to study more effectively and score higher on their exams. There were also many students who told me they blacked-out during exams, suffering from what is called test anxiety. Often these students weren't even aware that this form of stress was adversely affecting their performance.

But today, with the advent of the web, these techniques and skills are being discussed and published helter-skelter all over the planet. Hence, the purpose of these humble web pages... to bring together and review the dozens of sites with valuable information about getting better grades and make this information readily available to students and teachers alike!!.

On the left side of each page, you will find links to websites and book recommendations covering the topics of study skills, exam skills, writing skills, test anxiety, financial aid sources and selecting a college. The site links are each accompanied by a rating and a brief description of the features of the particular site.

The book recommendations are presented with reviews and have been linked to Amazon.com should you wish to purchase a copy of any book on-line. You can also use the link to Amazon.com in the left sidebar to search for any book of interest (as well as music CD's). Amazon.com is a great source for textbooks at the prices often lower than bookstores.

I would really appreciate your telling your friends about these pages if you find them helpful. It would also be great to have you drop me some email to tell me what you liked especially if you have any suggestions for how to make this a better site.

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck in your quest for better study techniques!!

Doctor Ah-Clem :)

Doctor Ah-Clem's Pick Award

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