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Exam Skills

On these pages you will find my carefully considered opinion of a number of websites having content related to Exam Skills. Each of these is rated according to the following criteria:

This site has exceptional content and should definitely be visited. It might be visually appealing or unusually comprehensive. Something about this site is special!!
*** This site has good content, is well constructed, and certainly is full of great ideas.
** This site would be worth a quick look. Most of the ideas here are better expressed on other sites.
* Errr... well... I'm including it for completeness. It might be under development or abandoned.

Remember when reading my ratings, many sites are not developed for "general consumption" and therefore may serve the needs of a particular audience very well. To receive a lower rating is no reflection on the developer or the host site. I'm just trying to point students in the direction of the most useful sites first.

Ah-Clem's Site Reviews
Site Content Rating
1 Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills Brazosport College Learning Assistance Center "Students who have not learned good test-taking skills are working with an unseen handicap. In almost every objective test, they give up points needlessly due to undisciplined testing behavior, irrational responses to test items, or a variety of other bad habits." Couldn't have said it better myself!
2 Test Taking Strategies Auburn University AFROTC Ya gotta like the way the military boils it down to a few basics :=) *
3 Test-Taking Strategies Ball State University "Test-taking strategies are not intended as an alternative to day-to-day review of course material or as a substitute for thorough test preparation. However, test-taking strategies can enhance your test performance and build confidence." Ahem!! **
4 Test Taking St. Thomas - Learning Center The best part about this page is the little link at the bottom which says: "Return to Study Guides Index". It's full of great information so "click it"! ***
5 Ten Tips for Test Taking St. Thomas - Learning Center "Take several slow, deep breaths,,, Be comfortable but alert,,, Choose a good spot to take the test,,, Maintain an upright posture in your seat." I will admit, I don't much cotton to students who fall on the floor during an exam :=) **
6 Test Prep Strategies Washington State University Counseling Services Nice page format but a little thin on material. Still, worth checking out. **
7 Test-Taking Strategies College of Saint Benedict - Saint John's University Related mostly to final exams, this outline of points to check would take about one-hour to assess. I suggest you commit the more important items to memory. :=) ***
8 Test Taking Strategies University Of Minnesota - Duluth "The only time an exam should be a trial is when you aren't prepared for it, and the best sign that you aren't prepared is when you have to stay up all night to "cram." Cramming won't do very much for you (except make you so tired that when you take the exam you won't be able to think clearly enough to answer the questions you DO know)." Can't disagree with a single word of this. **
9 Test-Taking Skills Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School Cabrillo Jaguars! Here's a "Technology Based High School" web page. Give the guys a hand for a good effort! *
10 Test Taking Strategies Manhattan College Just a few hints to deal with "The Day of the Exam". Sounds like a sci-fi thriller, huh? *
11 Test Taking Northern Illinois - Department of Political Science "LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS YOU CAN NEVER LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE THEM ALL YOURSELF"--JOHN LUTHER Don't ya just love a little humor mixed in with your political science? :=) *
12 Test Taking Skills California State Fullerton University Multiple Choice "The most common answer is c. If there are lots of b's , of course guess b. The choice that is longest with the most qualifying clauses is almost always the correct answer. (Prof.'s want to cover all the bases.)" Jeez... the secret is out!!! :=) **
13 Test Taking Strategies Southwestern University Just fantastic. It's beautiful and inspiring, and best of all, chocked-full of information! Definely a Clem's Pick! Check it out!
14 Test-Taking Strategues University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "Regard a lapse of memory as perfectly normal; do not let it throw you into a panic. If you block on answering one question, leave it for awhile and return to it later." As you get older in years, you will learn to treasure this sage advice! :=)
15 Preparing for Finals or Being Test Wise University of Rhode Island Counseling Center More concerned with "Test Anxiety", but I've put it in here, based on the author's title. **
16 Taking Tests - General Tips Berkeley - Student Learning Center "HOW TO TAKE TESTS. Be prepared emotionally and physically as well as intellectually. Get into a "fighting" attitude, emotionally ready to do your best. Stay away from others right before the test. Anxiety is highly contagious." Whew... I'm exhausted already. Read at your own risk!! :=)
17 Exam Hints Dr. Kathleen, King Idaho State University "Below are my handy hints for exam time, developed during ten arduous years as a student and fifteen more as a teacher." Always amazes me how we can remember our own student years as arduous and still manage to make things just as tough for today's students!! Hehehehehe!! **
18 Professor Freedman's Math Help Camden County College "This site provides information about basic math and algebra and specifically addresses the needs of the community college adult learner. A student who is frustrated by college math can be helped by identifying their individual learning style and recognizing the instructor's teaching style." Besides having a lot of great information, this site is BEAUTIFUL! You need to visit it just to experience the "Little Red Schoolhouse" and friendly atmosphere. Great Job! A Clem's Pick!
19 Links to a Better Education Walton High School When Clem saw this site, he couldn't believe it was based at a high school. These guys have collected an enormous amount of information and put it on the web in a highly organized way. If you decide to visit here, just remember, grab a coke and sandwich because you are gonna want to stay for a few hours running down a few dozen links! Great job! A Clem Pick for sure!
20 General Strategies for Studying and Self-Testing York University, Canada Here's some really terrific material from the "northland". Some of the best written advice I've run across. There are additional links for Obstacles to obtaining top grades, test anxiety, and others. Have to check this one out. It's a Clem's Pick!

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