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Test Anxiety

On these pages you will find my carefully considered opinion of a number of websites having content related to Test Anxiety. Each of these is rated according to the following criteria:

This site has exceptional content and should definitely be visited. It might be visually appealing or unusually comprehensive. Something about this site is special!!
*** This site has good content, is well constructed, and certainly is full of great ideas.
** This site would be worth a quick look. Most of the ideas here are better expressed on other sites.
* Errr... well... I'm including it for completeness. It might be under development or abandoned.

Remember when reading my ratings, many sites are not developed for "general consumption" and therefore may serve the needs of a particular audience very well. To receive a lower rating is no reflection on the developer or the host site. I'm just trying to point students in the direction of the most useful sites first.

Ah-Clem's Site Reviews
Site Content Rating
1 Stress Management Montana State University - Department of Health and Physical Education Here's a rather comprehensive discussion of stress and stress management as it relates to test anxiety. Should give persons suffering with test anxiety a number of approaching to understanding this problem.
2 Test Anxiety Inventory University of Calgary - John Mueller Maybe you are affected by test anxiety... maybe not. Take this anxiety inventory and know if this is your problem. **
3 Dealing with Test Anxiety University of St. Thomas' ISS-Learning Center "Take a piece of candy, or some other nourishment to help take your mind off of your anxiety". Hmmm... If candy is nourishment, what is pizza ??? :=) **
4 Stamp Out Test Panic College Entrance Examination Board "Like it or not, you’re going to be taking tests your whole life. You might as well learn how, now." How true... how true!!! Here's another wisdom found on this page... "Never let test scores freak you out." Amen! Far too many students look to the grade and not the learning first. ***
5 Basics About Stress Management North Carolina State University - Counseling Center Excellent content. Includes suggestions such as "Before or during the exam, be aware of and seek to challenge and change any distorted situational or self appraisals." In other words, you need to start listening to the thoughts you are thinking. And be prepared to be shocked. Some of us are pretty tough on ourselves.
6 Conquering Test Anxiety Gustavus Adolphus College - Academic Support Services The first few paragraphs at this site are worth their weight in gold. "Here are some things to think about... One test will not “make or break” your career. Do not feel your whole future is at stake. One test will not keep you out of graduate school, or from getting a job." If you find yourself saying, "Yeah, but what if I always mess up on exams," then you probably DO have test anxiety. **
7 Test Anxiety Hampden-Sydney College - Counseling Center Here's one I hadn't thought about before: "Avoid frightened students. Anxiety is contagious" I can see it now... a sign posted next to the door of the room where the exam is being administed with a picture of a "frightened student" on it with a red circle and line drawn through it! :=) **
8 Test Anxiety SUNY Potsdam - Counseling Center "The first step is to distinguish between two types of anxiety. If your anxiety is a direct result of lack of preparation, consider it a normal, rational reaction. However, if you are adequately prepared but still panic and/or overreact, your reaction is not rational." That's a key idea so let me draw a little more attention to it. Test anxiety is "irrational". Perhaps you have never thought that you might at times behave or think irrationally. But it's not all that uncommon. And it's certainly nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. But it is something you can work on and correct. Hey, this is a Clem's Pick site. Excellent content and site layout! The "self help" link at the bottom of the page takes you to a lot of other excellent advice and materials.
9 Overcoming Test Anxiety Albert Ellis Institute "It is the purpose of this paper to examine test anxiety within the framework of Rational-Emotive Therapy (Ellis, 1962, 1973), and to offer suggestions and specific techniques to reduce tension and improve performance in a wide variety of anxiety-arousing test situations." Don't be scared by the technical jargon or approach. This is one of the best discussions about the causes and solution to test and other anxieties. Make sure you click to visit the second and subsequent pages ***
10 Test Anxiety Sam Houston State University Counseling Center This is a Clem's Pick! Loads of information here, for example: "Your grade is not necessarily a reflection of your preparation. Most of my students believe that the success of a test anxiety reduction program should be measured by the grades obtained. The reality is that your grades will not improve immediately. It will take time and more than one test to see that kind of results." Reminds me of the student who brought a rabbit's foot, can of coke and stick of gum to the exam to dispel his tension. When it didn't work he was disappointed and more anxiety than ever. He needs to read this paper!
11 Preparing for Finals or being Test Wise University of Rhode Island Counseling Center One of a series of articles available. Click the link at the bottom of the page to see the others. **
12 How to Keep Calm During Tests University of Texas - Austin - Learning Skills Center "DON'T TALK ABOUT THE TEST with classmates immediately beforehand, if you know it raises your anxiety level. To do so may nourish group paranoia." And you thought all you had to worry about was "academic anxiety!" **
13 How to Overcome Test Anxiety Wayne F. Perkins, Educational Hypnotist "You are getting sleepy... your eyes are getting heavy"... Actually, Self-hypnosis Instruction (as described on this site) can be very helpful in dealing with the irrationalities of test anxiety. Give it a try! :=) ***
14 How to Master Stress Mind Tools Mind Tools Ltd. claims their mission is "to provide high quality software and information designed to help you to think your way to a happy and successful life." They have a very complete discussion of general stress management techniques and a bookstore with lots of suggested reading material. ***
15 Reducing Exam Anxiety and Improving Concentration Learning Skills Programme - York University An extraordinarily detailed and comprehensive discussion of exam anxiety. The style is so interesting you'll just have to spend the time to read the whole thing. The best news? They have other links to even more study related material. Terrific site !! A Clem's Pick !!
16 Strategies to Control Exam Anxiety University of Northern British Columbia Just a small list of suggestions but I do agree with the advice "try to predict what will be on the exam" not just to reduce exam anxiety but also to improve exam scores of even confident students. *
17 Managing Exam Anxiety and Panic - A Guide for Students Student Services - Headington Campus "Sometimes exam anxiety is linked with a lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Sometimes it may be the result of pressure from family or teachers in the past, or a more general fear of failure." This site has a very excellent discussion about uncovering exam anxiety. Although the amount of material presented isn't extraordinary, I felt the approach and sensitivity demonstrated were remarkable. I rate this a Clem's Pick !! (PS... I wasn't able to locate "Headington Campus". Anyone knowing what university or school this is, please let me know!)
18 The Effects of Exam Anxiety of Grandma's Health The Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth - University of Northern British Columbia Here's a reprint of an article originally published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. This is a really cute article that I just have to quote a little of to whet your appetite. "In my first semester of teaching, during the week before the midterm exam, I got numerous phone calls and visits from the roommates of many of my students, reporting a series of problems. Mononucleosis seemed to have struck a sizable portion of my class, along with the more common colds and flu. A call from one young woman awakened me with the news that her roommate's grandmother had died, so she (my student) would be unable to take the exam. I expressed my condolences, and assured the caller that her roommate would not be penalized for such an unexpected tragedy. Over the next few days I received many more calls - informing me of sickness, family problems, and even the death of a beloved cat. One student telephoned to say he couldn't get to the exam because his car had been stolen. By the end of the week, as you may imagine, I had become a good deal less sympathetic. I was probably downright short with the student whose cat had died. The thought of three grandmothers passing away, all within the short exam period, caused me a good deal of remorse." Ah yes... I've seen similar "outbreaks" of flu and other health problems right around exam time too. Go read the whole article now... It's funny stuff!! ***
19 Surviving Exams Student Health - The University of Virginia I like this profile... "Is This You? Two weeks left to do a semester's reading... and papers were due yesterday! Sleep is something vaguely remembered... Exercise means dragging yourself from your desk to the soda machine and back... Chips, candy bars, and coffee are mainstay of your diet. You've lost your concentration and problem-solving abilities. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed is an everyday occurrence." See yourself here??? It would be a good idea to read a little further then !! **
20 Tactics for Managing Stress and Anxiety Counselling Services - University of Victoria Pretty good site. The hit on all the important ideas without getting bogged down in the details. ***
21 Coping and Stress Management Freshman Outreach Program at Edinboro University Here's a site with some "Academic Survival Tips" including "Coping and Stress Management". The site itself is quite extensive so when you have a little while, investigate some of the buttons to take you to the Main Menu and see what else they have. A Clem's Pick !!

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